• On Android 4.x devices all actions are visible in the action bar on the top, whereas with Android 2.3.x the actions are hidden behind the Menu button (typically three horizontal lines at the bottom of the device).


  • To create a new catch press "Add".
  • To delete a fishing event, select the list representation and hold the finger on the entry to delete. A menu with the option to delete will appear.
  • Moving positions works as follows: open the map by pressing on the button with GPS coordinates. Now touch the pin and move it to the new location.
  • In this view you can only select water and fishing spot, you cannot create, edit, or delete them. This is only possible in the "Extras" and "Fishing spots" tab card, respectively.
  • If the position has not been set, it will be set to the position of the fishing spot, when a stand is selected
  • Depending on preferences ("Extras" tab > then "Preferences")  the position is set to the current location or the position of the stand when first selected. It can later be moved via touch and drag, or via editing the longitude and latitude using the edit button.

Fishing spots

  • The position of a newly created hunting location will be the middle of the map, so make sure you positioned the map correctly before you add a new location. Though you can move it later via dragging.
  • To delete a fishing spot, switch to the list view first, then hold the finger on the entry to delete.
  • To move symbols, select first "Allow moving". After this, you can touch the symbol and drag it to its new location. Press "Lock" on the screen when you are done.
  • You can zoom to a specific location if you select it in the list view of "Fishing spots" and hold your finger on it until the app suggestion "Locate".

Weather and Solunar

  • The amount of weather queries is limited to one for the current location and one for a specific water every 3 hours. The reasons for this are limitations of the free weather provider. Once fetched weather information is cached for 3 hours.
  • Shooting light is based on the astronomical 'civil twilight', local hunting regulations might differ.
  • The duration of Solunar 'major' periods is 2 hours and of 'minor' periods is 1 hour. The solunar peak is in the middle of the displayed intervals.
  • More information regarding the Solunar Theory.
Backup and New Device Copy
  • Use the "Extras" > "Backup to SD card" functionality.
  • Make sure you always have an extra copy of the Backup directory on the SD card e.g. on your PC. 
  • For device replication/transfer:
    • Ensure a copy of this data is at the same loaction on the new device before the FIRST app start.  It will offer an import.
    • If you had run the app on the new device, delete on the NEW device the empty database first: On the device go to "Settings" > "(Manage) Applications" > "Fishing Friend" > "Delete data". Now make sure the directory is in place before you start the app again.
  • For regular fine granular sync, consider buying the feature extension "Export, Import & Dropbox Sharing" under "Extras" > "Buy features".