Fishing Friend is the ultimate all-in-one fishing app - it manages all your fishing memories plus it allows you to research and plan your fishing days. You can record your fishing events, trophies,and fishing spot locations. Adding the latest catch is done within seconds. Whether your focus is on planning your next fishing day based on weather and solunar periods, keeping a trophy gallery and fishing journal, or statistics and research of your past fishing events, this is the application you need.

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Along with the basic facts like fish specy, time, amount, weight, and trophy score you can add additional information.

  • Position - Your current GPS position can be added. You can view and edit this location on a live map.
  • Picture - You can attach a picture of your trophy so it keeps your memories fresh.
  • Weather - General condition, temperature, wind direction, and moon phase.
  • Story - This offers the possibility to add a story about the catch.
  • Location - Record your fishing water, detailed location, and fishing spot.

Trophy Management. When you want to get a printout of your trophies, the application will assist you to store it, manage it, and email it! The application supports iTunes File Sharing for backup of application data, and optional Dropbox integration. You can easily export all catch information in the highly compatible CSV (comma separated values) file format and perform your custom statistics on your data.

Research and Planning. Did you dream of documenting and planning your fishing spots? This application allows you to visually lay out your fishing water with symbols of your fishing spots that you can place on the map and give a name. Optionally, it allows you to share your fishing spot information with a friend via e-mail and Dropbox. Your friend can import them from the e-mail attachment with just one click. 

Shapes and other important place marks in your fishing water can be drawn and designed comfortably on your desktop computer using G. Maps or G. Earth and later imported into the Fishing Friend app as overlay on all maps.

GPS. If you get lost while afield, you can ask the application to show your exact position in relation to your fishing spots, allowing you to navigate to your spot.

Weather and Solunar Periods.  The Fishing Friend simplifies your life. It gives you all information about weather, sun, moon, solunar periods, including a 4 day forecast in one view.

Advantages. Fishing Friends’ many advantages include:

  • Experience – Created by fishers for fishers.
  • Efficiency - Whether fish specy, bait, or location, after the first entries the application learns them and offers them for future selection. 
  • Overview - You can get statistics from your past catches.
  • Openness - CSV export of catches allows you maximum flexibility and creativity doing your own statistics and research.

iPad HD. The HD version optimized for iPad is included - buy once, enjoy it on iPhone and iPad.

I appreciate feedback via the app store here. For improvement wishes please send me an e-mail so that I can develop the application according your needs. Have fun.

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