Important hints on Dropbox usage
As add-on feature the app supports the exchange of any kind of entries between devices via e-mail and dropbox upload/download. No matter whether the devices are owned by one or multiple persons collaborating, this feature allows you to use your own Dropbox or a shared Dropbox folder as clipboard for inter-device exchange.

This feature is not aiming to automate full synchronization between your own devices, but allows for manual selection and then automatically upload the contents to the storage cloud.

  • Create an account at
  • A Upload to Dropbox of entries can be started in the single entry dialogs "Hunt", "Game", "Location" (Fishing Friend resp. "Fishing event", "Catch", "Fishing spot"), as well as "Observation" and  "Transaction" in Finances, depending on device platform and bought feature set. With the button "Export To Dropbox" the upload can be triggered. Alternatively, you can "Export via E-Mail" to send an e-mail with attachment - and import the attachment at the target device.
  • Download can be done in the dialog "Dropbox Import" under "Extras". Entries are grouped by type.
    • Already downloaded entries, as well as entries uploaded from this device, are colored grey and are locked to avoid accidental duplication on a device.
    • If you want to load them anyway again you have to unlock the entries first.
    • Existing entries of hunt, game, observations, and transaction will not be overwritten.
    • Before existing locations are imported the user is asked whether the local copy should be updated or a new one should be created. Updating locations allows for fast sharing of changes on locations. Existing locations are searched by location name and hunting area name.
  • Sharing of entries between hunters can be done by one hunter sharing his Dropbox folder with the other hunters, to be configured via This way everbody uploads and downloads from a single folder instance.

General hints:

  • To optimize bandwidth you can configure the maximum image size under the "Settings" dialog.
  • For up- and download it is recommended to connect the device via WiFi to the Internet.
  • To backup your complete application content, it is still recommended copy all data files of the application, e.g. for iPhone see iPhone instructions, for Android see Android instructions

Discussion about iCloud: Support for iCloud is still open as technical complications for users cannot be excluded. See especially this discussion by the Verge and the experiences of the Outbank App that supports iCloud, but since then ruined their reputation. Plus, many users want to exchange data also across platforms (Android, iOS) and between different users. Both use cases would not be supported with iCloud (iOS, single user only).