iHunt Journal is the ultimate all-in-one hunting app - it manages all your hunting memories plus it allows you to research and plan your hunts. You can record your hunts, trophies, game observations, and hunting stand locations. Adding the latest shot or observation is done within seconds. Whether your focus is on planning your next hunt based on weather and solunar periods, keeping a trophy gallery and hunting journal, or statistics and research of your past hunts, this is the application you need.

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Also available in German Jagdbegleiter, Swedish Jaktdagboken, and French Ma Chasse


Besides the actual facts like game type, time, amount, weight, and trophy score you can add additional information:

  • Position - If your device supports GPS, your current position will be added. You can view and edit this location as you like.
  • Picture - Of course you can associate a picture of your trophy with the entry, so it keeps your memories fresh.
  • Weather - General condition, temperature, wind direction, and moon phase.
  • Story - This offers the possibility to add a story about the hunt.
  • Location - Recording your hunting area, detailed location, and hunting stand.
  • Distance - Shooting distance and escape distance.


You can extend your iHunt Journal with additional feature Extensions:

  • Export, Import & Dropbox Sharing - The app supports the exchange of any kind of entries between devices via e-mail and Dropbox export/import. No matter whether the devices are owned by one or multiple persons collaborating.
  • Finances - A journal to record all income and expenses. It automatically includes all harvests revenue. Allows filtering by time frame, area, and hunter.
  • Area borders and symbols - The area borders and placemark symbols feature allows you to load KML files generated by applications such as Google Earth or Google Maps. Alternatively Google Maps - My Maps URLs can be loaded.
  • Harvest targets - Allows you to define harvest targets per hunting area, hunter, and game for configurable time spans. Check at all times how much you already fulfilled those targets.
  • CSV export - Export your journal and observations to the standardized CSV file format to post-process and analyze them in any kind of spreadsheet application on your desktop computer.
  • Moon brightness - Displays the moon brightness as perceived on the earth as curve. You can select the time span of day, week and month for any point in time. The moon brightness per night is framed by the shooting light hours.
  • Scouting - Additional symbols for food, signs and tracks. Plus it allows you to filter the display of locations and make them time dependent.
  • Vension Management - Allows you to track the amount of venison gained and sold. With an app internal overview and the possibility to export into Spreadsheet format.
  • Tracking - Allows you record and manage information about tracking down a wounded animal. It will record the track that you walk, while you can mark special locations. CSV and KML export included.

You can find those extensions under "Extras" > "Buy features" in the app.

Customization. Whether big game, small game, or waterfowl - you can customize the attributes to your needs via configuration.

Observations. Observations support the attributes game type, amount, age, description, and hunting area including picture. For every event, you can add event data such as time, location, GPS position, and weather - saving you from repeating common information. Using observations and assigning pictures is ideal for trail cam owners wanting to track down behavior and visits of individual game.

Research and Planning. Did you dream of documenting and planning your hunting stands in your hunting area? Do you want to record where you placed a trail camera or a tree stand? This application allows you to visually lay out your hunting area with symbols of your stands that you can place on the map and give a name. If you want to share your hunting stand locations with a friend, export and e-mail him the locations. Your friend can import them from the e-mail attachment with just one click. Area borders and other important place marks in your hunting area can be drawn and designed comfortably on your desktop computer using Google Maps or Google Earth and later imported in iHunt Journal as overlay on all maps.

GPS. If you get lost while afield, you can ask the application to show your exact position in relation to your hunting stands, allowing you to navigate to your spot.

Weather and Solunar Periods. Check the weather forecasts, wind and temperature, moon phase, sunrise and sunset. With this research, you can map it to your locations and stands, which are suitable for this hunting day.

Simplify Your Life. iHunt Journal simplifies your life. It gives you all information about weather, sun, moon, solunar periods, including a 4 day forecast in one view. And, it suggests the best hunting locations based on the wind direction.

Advantages.iHunt Journal's many advantages include:

  • Experience - From hunter for hunters.
  • Efficiency - Whether game type, age class, hunting device, or location, after the first entries the application learns them and offers them for future selection.
  • Overview - Any time you can get a statistic over your past hunts.
  • Openness - CSV export of harvests allows you maximum flexibility and creativity doing your own statistics and research.

Please send me your feedback so that I can improve the application according your needs. Have fun.

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