For detailed instructions, check the app under "Extras" > "App Hints".

Additional hints:

To get a suitable hunting location recommendation under "Weather and Solunar" the suitable wind directions have to be set under the 'Locations' tab with each location.

To open the CSV file in Excel select comma as separator and "Unicode UTF-8" as file format.

For your own backup your have two options:

  • Directly backup the database and pictures through iTunes File Sharing. This saves all data in the original format, but allows only re-import on iOS devices.
  • Backup using "Extras" > "Dropbox backup & device change". This saves all data, but not the settings, in a platform independent format, which allows you to import the data on iOS as well as Android devices.

For device & platform change (iOS-to-Android).

  1. On the old (iOS) phone: Extras > Dropbox backup & device change > Backup
  2. On the new (Android) phone: On first start select "Import from Dropbox". 
    • The restore dialog in the app will only appear on first time start of the app, when no database is available.
    • If you missed that chance, you must delete the app data again to get the restore/import dialog again: On the device go to "Settings" > "(Manage) Applications" > "iHunt Journal" > "Storage" > "Clear data".

For regular data exchange between devices (iOS-to-iOS and iOS-to-Android):

  • Use the Export, Import & Dropbox Sharing feature to store a copy of your data in the Dropbox storage cloud.
    To export all data at once: Extras > Dropbox Import > top right button > Export all entries.
  • iCloud support is not yet available as we see a certain risk for inconsistencies and duplications that would be blamed on the developer, even if it would be systematic to iCloud. We will keep an eye on it.