The app can be extended with the following functionality:

  • Observations - Supports gathering information about seen animals, remembering time and place. This way you can keep track of interesting game to hunt it at a later point in time. Integration with the export/import feature is available.
  • Area borders and place mark symbols - The area borders and placemark symbols feature allows you to load KML files generated by applications such as Google Earth or Google Maps. Alternatively Google Maps - My Maps URLs can be loaded.
    In the app under "Map" > Menu > "Borders & symbols"
  • Export, Import & Dropbox Sharing - The app supports the exchange of any kind of entries between devices via e-mail and Dropbox export/import. No matter whether the devices are owned by one or multiple persons collaborating.
    See also Export, Import & Dropbox Sharing Instructions.
  • Moon brightness - Displays the moon brightness as perceived on the earth as curve. You can select the time span of day, week and month for any point in time. The moon brightness per night is framed by the shooting light hours.
    In the app under "Plan" > "Moon brightness"
  • Distance tool - Measures the distance between two location coordinates. For example mark your hunting spot and the game position before or after the hunt to determine the distance.
    In the app under "Map" > Menu > "Measure"
  • Inventory check - The inventory check allows the recording of checks associated with a inventory, e.g. hunting stand. You can record the date, the checklist, pictures and who checked it. Repeated checks, e.g. yearly, can be easily managed.
    In the app under "Map" > "List" > individual location
  • Scouting - Provides additional symbols for marking food, signs and tracks. Allows to enable markers only for periods of time. Filtering allows you to display and list only relevant markers.
    In the app under "Map" > "List" > individual location
  • Finances - A journal to record all income and expenses. It automatically includes all harvest revenue. Allows filtering by time frame, hunting area, and hunter.
    In the app under "Extras" > "Finances"

You find the extensions in the app under "Extras" > "Buy features".