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Backup & Restore

To export the database backup purposes or device change Android-to-Android.

  1. Use the "Extras" > "Database backup" > "Google Drive"
    • Please use "Google Drive" because it allows you to completely backup the data with all settings. The option "Backup to internal storage" is only there for legacy reasons and "Backup to Dropbox" is best used only for device and platform (Android-to-iOS) change as it cannot transfer settings, see below.
  2. The restore dialog in the app will only appear on first time start of the app, when no database is available.
    • If you missed that chance, you must must select "Extras" > "Database backup" > "Restore" to delete the current database and restart the app. For restore/import select of course "Google Drive", not "internal storage" and not "Dropbox".

Before deleting or handing off your old device, please make sure all data has been successfully transferred to the new device.  

Device change Android to iOS
  • Existing (old) Android phone:
    1. Press “Extras” > “Database backup” > "Backup to Dropbox"
  • New iOS phone (iPhone or iPad)
    1. Install the app & start the app
    2. In the app press “Extras” > “Dropbox Backup & Device change” > "Restore" 
Regular data transfer between devices (Android-to-Android and Android-to-iOS)