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Backup and New Device Copy
  • Use the "Extras" > "Backup to SD card" functionality.
  • Make sure you always have an extra copy of the Backup directory on the SD card e.g. on your PC. 
  • For device replication/transfer:
    • Ensure a copy of this data is at the same loaction on the new device before the FIRST app start.  It will offer an import.
    • If you had run the app on the new device, delete on the NEW device the empty database first: On the device go to "Settings" > "(Manage) Applications" > "Fishing Friend" > "Delete data". Now make sure the directory is in place before you start the app again.
  • For regular fine granular sync, consider buying the feature extension "Export, Import & Dropbox Sharing" under "Extras" > "Buy features".